List of qualifications

Authorised translator Birgitta Önnerfält
Translator from Spanish, French, English Danish and Norwegian into Swedish
Authorised translator from French and Spanish

Tinghögsvägen 82
SE 222 20 Lund
Tel: +46 46 12 69 22
Mobile: +46 703 33 50 47

September 2011

In my own close company Mimer Språkkonsult AB with corporate identity number 556855-4520.I also proofread and revise Swedish texts and translations into Swedish.


  • Book reviewer for the main commercial supplier of library books in Sweden. Duties include reading and writing critical reviews of Spanish and French fiction, Swedish cookery books, linguistic literature and textbooks for the company´s monthly catalogue.
  • Guest teacher at the Translation program, Lund University.


  • Drama training and acting at private theatre company. Acted roles in plays by, among others, Shakespeare, Molière, Sartre, Nestroy, Lesage and Gombrowicz.
  • Language teacher at Trelleborg upper secondary school, 1966-1979.
  • 1980 - 2001 upper secondary school teacher at Lund´s Municipal Centre for Adult Education in Sweden. In charge of the departments of French and Spanish and head examiner. Part-time position as a teacher of French and Spanish, and occasionally Swedish as a foreign language, Linguistics and Swedish grammar.
  • Interpreter (Spanish - Swedish) for the City of Lund local authority.
  • Taught grammar, translation and 20th century literature at the Department of French, University of Stockholm, autumn term, 1996.
  • Jointly responsible for organising the French programme at the LMS annual congress (Association of Teachers of Foreign Languages), Malmö, 19-20 April 1997.
  • Initiated and ran various courses for language teachers.
  • Actively engaged in work involving Lund´s French twin town, Nevers (association secretary for three years, president for six years).


  • Master of Arts in English, French and Spanish from Lund University, 1965.
  • Studies at the School of Education, Malmö, 1966.
  • Swedish as a Foreign Language. One-year course at Lund University, 1980.
  • Master of Arts in translation and translation theory from the University of Stockholm, 1996.
  • Approved by the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency as an authorised translator from Spanish to Swedish (one of 12 in Sweden) with translator´s number 627.
  • Approved by the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency as an authorised translator from French to Swedish (one of 11 in Sweden) with translator´s number 627.


  • Antibes. Course for teachers of French, National Swedish Board of Education, 1966.
  • Rennes. "Vivre en France" for teachers of French, National Swedish Board of Education, 1982.
  • Politiques Scolaires en France et Dans Les Pays Nordiques, Association des Professeurs de Français, 14-27 September 1984.
  • En Ardèche. French literature and linguistics, Association des Professeurs de Français, 1987.
  • Laval. "Travail et Vie Quotidienne", National Swedish Board of Education, 1998.
  • A la Rencontre de la Francophonie au Maroc, organised by the French embassy, 9-16 November 1990.
  • Belgium. Course for French-speaking teachers of Spanish, Council of Europe, 8-26 June 1992.
  • Tarrazona, Spain. National Swedish Board of Education, 8-26 June 1992.
  • France, Les Vans "Séminaire Occitan", course for the Danish Ministry of Education and the associations of teachers of French in the Nordic countries. Course organiser and participant, 1993-2001.
  • Nevers. Further education for French teachers, initiator, organiser and participant, 11-23 June 1994.
  • Chenini de Gabes. Study of an oasis in southern Tunisia, initiator and participant, 14-21 October 1995.
  • French-speaking Switzerland, "Rencontrer les Écrivains de la Suisse Romande", Council of Europe, 22-23 April 1999.
  • Curso para Profesores Europeos de Español, in-depth course for European teachers and translators arranged by the Spanish Ministry of Education at Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, Santander, Spain 5-31 July 1999.
  • Congress of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators, Gothenburg, 2000.
  • Annual Congress of the Association of Swedish Teachers of Foreign Languages, Stockholm, 2000.
  • Xe Congrès Mondial, Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de Français, Paris 17-21 July 2000.
  • Various courses and seminars on education and linguistics.
  • Courses in terminology, medical translation, rules for modern writing and translating for the EU, organised by SFÖ, Swedish Association of Professional Translators.


  • Associations for the City of Lund´s twin cities in Germany, France, Nicaragua and the Nordic countries
  • Alliance Française
  • SFÖ, Swedish Association of Professional Translators
  • FAT, Federation of Authorised Translators in Sweden


  • Fiction and theatrical texts, culture and art
  • Non-fiction
  • Legal and financial documents including judgements, estate inventories, powers of attorney, legal contracts, certificates
  • Other: EU-related documents, medicine, culture, education, tourism, food and linguistics


  • Spanish, French, English, Danish and Norwegian to Swedish


  • The City of Malmö, Sweden
  • Hässleholm and Lund Municipality, Sweden
  • Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Swedish Ministry of Education and Science
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Publishers
  • University of Lund and Stockholm
  • Law companies and notaries
  • Translation agencies
  • Private persons
  • Contractor for the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Commission
  • Nordic council (for official co-operation between the Nordic countries) Denmark


  • Literature, theatre, outdoor life, sewing, baking.